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11-Jul-2016 15:59

After I introduced him to Chris, my friend said, "A-ha!So this is that guy you've been talking about for weeks." I turned beet red.And other times, it feels like it was forever ago..While we waited in line to purchase tickets, we ran into a friend of mine.

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If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at [email protected](be sure to read these guidelines first). A question in the forums today got me thinking about dating anniversaries.

What says romance like spending the day and night at a chic hotel in your city, or a quaint B&B in the country? If you’re the type of couple who’s never home at the same time, spend your anniversary on the couch with takeout, plenty of wine, and a series you both love on Netflix or Redbox.

This one will only work if you’re both open to ending up anywhere.

Yesterday marked the seventh anniversary of the first time I went out with my now husband.

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Sometimes when I think of our first date, it seems like it was just yesterday.We had dinner after the movie and to be perfectly honest, I couldn't tell you what we talked about.