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Every winter I order up a large box of Meyer lemons from California.

I make marmalade, lemonade concentrate and a big jar of salt-preserved lemons.

Tune in New York Listen tot the Welsh kid talk Communicating like in the good old days Forgive me father for I have sinned It was either me or him And a voice said Benny You fucked the whole thing up Benny your time is up Your time is up Benny turned the dial on his Short Wave radio He wanted to talk to the people He wanted his own show Tune in Moscow. Do you really think the Russians would have invaded Afghanistan if Ronald Reagan were president?

Tune in New York Listen to the Welsh kid talk communicating Like in the good old days Forgive me Father [Welsh Policeman:] Mobile One Two to Central. Do you really think third-rate military dictators would laugh at America and burn our flag in contempt if Ronald Reagan were president? [Hostage:] We as a group do most importantly want to beseech President Reagan and our fellow Americans to refrain from any form of military or violent means as an attempt, no matter how noble or heroic, to secure our freedom. Only it's going to be mighty dangerous for you, Cassidy Hoppy's faithful sidekick: guess you don't know Hopalong Cassidy, Mister.

I recently had a strange contact request show up on Skype.

I mainly use this messaging platform for work, and I was puzzled, as I did not recognize the name of the requester.

I spread the marmalade on toast, drizzle the lemonade concentrate into glasses of sparkling water and stare at the preserved lemons, wondering what the heck to do with them.

And so I search out recipes that feature these lemons.

You really need only a few spoonfuls for the portion of fish you’re instructed to make.For I have sinned [Welsh Policeman:] We have a multiple on the A465 between Cwmbran and Cylgoch. Adventure's his bread, excitement's his butter and danger, why to him that's like strawberry jam to top it off.

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