Online spending dating

26-Jul-2016 00:29

o one ever said finding love was easy (and if they did, they sure didn’t say it was cheap! The economy is finally back on its feet, but it’s certainly not running any marathons yet, so spending your money wisely is still of utmost importance.

There are life’s absolute essentials — like rent, utilities, and food — which represent significant monthly expenses everyone needs to budget for, according to each individual’s income.

New studies say online dating is not only an efficient way of finding your would-be spouse, but also more cost-effective than the old-fashioned methods of seeking out love. And now, according to market strategists at Converg Ex Group, a New York-based global brokerage company, online data can also save a person thousands of dollars.

If you’re hoping to land yourself squarely in Cupid’s sights, though, it’s time to cancel that Netflix account and get up off your couch.

“I haven’t been looking for a serious relationship in my early 20s.