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Remington never (*) used serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture of it's firearms, they however stamped a date code (spelled out below) by the first letter meaning the month and the last letter the year of manufacture. On the RH side of the barrel will be a Magnaflux, Remington proof & a test mark If a gun is returned to the factory as a fire damaged, or blown up firearm, the factory will stamp it as a prefix to their date code with a #4 on the barrel and return it un-repaired.

BARREL DATE CODE - stamped exposed on LH top rear of barrel after 1920 the following will only be stamped where applicable #2 Part order barrel (not originally assembled to firearm) #3 Service section received #4 Return as received #5 Employee sale R. Then if the gun is ever subsequently returned to a warranty center or the factory by ANYONE, they will refuse to work on it as an unsafe firearm.

condition means the most for values but these usually average between 200-350 if in good working order,, bigcurt You can call Remington Arms direct and give them the serial number and they will tell you what year it was made. I just called on mine and it was made in 1905, one of the first with serial number 12439. I think there are so many of these around, as they made 850000 of them that the value stays in the several hundred range. No problem, actually the compiled list I have says 1929, the copy of the factory log book actually says Nov 1928 and I would put my money on that.

Since this is after 1920 if it has the original barrel it also will be date stamped.

At the same time, the name "The Sportsman" or "Model 11" began being stamped on the bolt. 28, 1937, they stopped the separate serial number sequence in the 2xx,xxx range for the 16-gauge "The Sportsman"; on Aug.

hello,,the model 11 remington shotgun was produces from 1905-1949 when the designation was changed to the 11-48,,dating your shotgun to exact year may be possible if theres a date code on the barrel left side ,,this would proably be a 2 letter code,, and should be near the point where the barrel meets the receiver ..

Best thing to do is use the serial number trick above (w/o serial # pre 67, w/serial # post 67). There have been several discussions in the Forum regarding date codes and serial numbers and is a good resource for more information on the subject.

fit=480,360" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-142" title="e7fc" src="https://i2com/ resize=300,225" alt="Date letter code" srcset="https://i2com/ Remington started numbering Nylon rifles in 1967 starting with #40000-419011. The serial numbers were located on the bottom of the barrel, below and just back a bit from the front sight.

One additional cartridge could be placed in the chamber bringing its total capacity to three shells.

The Remington Model 11-48 came in 12, 16, and 20 gauge variations.12 ga.

In 1934 Du Pont acquired controlling interest of Remington Arms Co., Inc.

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In 1937, Remington reduced the roll-stamping on "The Sportsman" to one bird on each side and started putting the roll-stamping on Model 11 receivers as well.Also note that sometimes you will find 3 letters on the barrel.