Shyness dating tips

05-Jan-2017 21:50

If you read the comic strip "Peanuts," you probably know about the little red-haired girl. Charlie Brown worships her from a distance -- a long distance.The few times he gets up the nerve to approach her, something gets in the way and messes things up. A lot of guys can sympathize, some more than others.

The most important point for shy men and women dating is to get them out of their heads and into the moment as much as possible.

Heck, the first date is awkward for everyone, right?

On a first date, wear something that can act as a conversation-starter for the two of you.

Guys, if you want to play the lottery or wait to get lucky, I’ll let you in on something.

Luck is being able to see opportunity and being brave enough to step up to take it.At some point in your life, if you want something passionately enough, you will have to go after it.

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