Thesaurus updating

02-May-2016 09:14

The also gives us a way to bring a level of user-focus to the way that we think about what we index — we need to put records into the database using a language that will enable searchers to find them.

The English language is very broad, and many words mean the same thing.

As Brenda Evans, Psyc INFO's Manager of Bibliographic Production, explains: I think the most important point of index terms is that they bring a level of consistency to the indexing.

And that is both for the person who is doing the indexing and for people searching the database.

Mark Logic Server includes functions that enable applications to provide thesaurus capabilities.

Such suggestions can be pushed into existing vocabularies and can be curated directly in the PPT environment by the thesaurus management team.

To use any of the functions, include the module and namespace declaration in the prolog of your XQuery program as follows:), your application must handle the case of the terms you want to lookup. For example, you can lowercase all the entries in your thesaurus documents and then lowercase the terms before performing the lookup from the thesaurus.

For an example of lowercasing terms in a thesaurus document, see Lowercasing Terms When Inserting a Thesaurus Document.

This is what the expansion set section would look like for the above example: elements, one per synonym.

You can specify a pattern to be replaced by a substitution set.

It gives us a standardized vocabulary with which we can train people to focus on the most important elements in a document — its "about-ness" — as main concepts are translated to index terms.

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