What is chemistry in dating

26-Mar-2016 18:01

The nervous system gets aroused, causing one to get adrenaline in the form of "rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and sensations of excitement that are often similar to sensations associated with danger".

Other physical symptoms include "blood pressure go[ing] up a little, the skin...flush[ing], the face and ears...turn[ing] red and...[a] feeling of weakness in the knees".

If you feel those telltale butterflies, you’ve got chemistry. Feeling happy when you’re around that particular person.

It has been described as a "combination of basic psychological arousal combined with a feeling of pleasure".

She, on the other hand, is a New Yorker who’s a flamboyant city type; she’s a radical, esoteric, black, bisexual, exotic-featured female author. “Even though we are quite different, our chemistry enabled us to realize right from the start that we were soul mates.

Stephanie prefers hot weather; Charles likes it cold. We feel the same way today as we did on the first day we met — an instant and powerful bond.” .

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While the actual definition of chemistry, its components, and its manifestations are fairly vague, this is a well documented concept.